Agriculture in the Advanced Technology

Agriculture in the Advanced Technology

In the Philippines, Agriculture remains the backbone of the economy. Out of the total land area of the country, 48% is used in farming. The United Nations (UN) forecasts that in 2050, the food system will need to feed more than 9 billion people in the world. Because of this thought of creating solutions to help the farmers with their job and make them more efficient. Team AgriServe was composed of Angel Nicole Iniego, Adriel Agcaoili, Zakaree Zea Bouffard, Mary Pearl Liwanag, and Csheryl Marie Pantig, with their coach Mr. Bryle Eusebio, Their main target was to help the farmers of Cauayan City, Isabela, and the Department of Agriculture. 

They proposed a project to make a web application named Smart AgriHub, dedicated to organizing and informing farmers and their communication to professionals. The app will have many functions that farmers could improve their farms and their economy. 

The Smart AgriHub will have different functions that farmers could utilize to help enhance their farms and their economy. The app contains the Personal Profile of farmers, Daily Prices of Produce, Farmer’s Forums, Agricultural Announcements, a Social Circle and Job Opportunities, and Downloadable forms. These forms are to gather information about farmers and their farms, which they will fill up and will be monitored by the Department of Agriculture). 

“AgriServe’s goal is to help the Filipino farmers be organized and communicate with other farmers and authorities, especially during these trying times during the pandemic.” The team wants to help establish a community where farmers, the government, and the public connect on the same online platform and set a new standard for digitalized farming.

This project is essential because digitalization will help the farmers get their real-time information online, which will aid them in strategically planting crops and managing the current stock prices in the marketplace. With this, farmers can discover new strategies in farming with the help of others’ experiences. If this project is successful, millions of lives could be improved. Another advantage is that the Department of Agriculture (DA) can quickly retrieve farmers’ data, even without physical contact. With this, the government could work together with the farmers to improve our country’s economy.

Agriculture in the country is just starting to enter the Digital Age. Some cities, such as Cauayan City, are paving the way for the transition to intelligent farming through programs like the Digital Farmer’s Program (DFP), which aims to make farmers “future-ready.” Digitalization may reduce costs for farms and the environmental impact of agricultural production, improve crop yields, increase farmers’ income, and offer quality and safer food. 

In summary, Team AgriServe proposed an app called “Smart AgriHub,” a customized and scalable platform to connect the farmers and the Department of Agriculture. It could benefit about 5 million farmers in the nation. With this, farmers’ data could be digitalized and organized, and farmers could learn experiences from others and make their job easier.  

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