An Introvert’s Guide to Make Friends

An Introvert’s Guide to Make Friends

Being an introvert means being mistaken for being antisocial, but is actually defined as someone who is shy or enjoys being alone. It takes mindfulness to establish friendships with people and even more so for introverts. Taking steps, no matter how small, can help lead their way.

As Philippine Science High School – Cagayan Valley Campus (PSHS-CVC) slowly shifts to the new normal, selected grade levels are expected to experience face-to-face classes once again. Developing social skills during a time like this was a challenge, but how can one maximize making friends with the upcoming face-to-face setup? 

Find someone with similar interests. Making friends is always exciting when you both have the same interest. Think about those special people in your life and let that be an example of friends that you have which makes you enjoy every little thing if you’re with them.

Make the first move. Nothing really goes into place if you don’t act much to stimulate a connection. Instead of waiting, why not make the first approach and go follow what your heart desires, and be the eyeopener for them to see what you have in your hands?

Be yourself! Having friends doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get to attract every person according to their preference to like you. Share with them your other interests and tell them more about you. It’s about accepting people who understand you no matter how similar or different you are from one another, so it’s okay to be just yourself.

Learn to listen. We all know that it is difficult to interact much with others, and it is easier to be more of a listener. Once you have established a connection,  have them reciprocate and question them about their interests in life to know them better. Who knows, it can bloom a connection that bonds towards friendship.

Establish a connection of trust. Trust plays a huge role in friendship. It can be so strong and unbreakable when put to the test but fragile and almost irreparable when mishandled. Be attentive and careful with whom to trust for a true friend is someone willing to help you as much as you are willing to help them.

Take small steps. Building a lasting friendship is never to be rushed nor be taken too easily. Our friends are a part of our lives, so we must take the time to get to know each other. The slow and intricate efforts you put into it will create a lasting relationship that you’ll always be thankful for.

Even though we are in this difficult situation, face-to-face or online, finding and making friends can also be an endless journey for anybody. Who knows, maybe by making friends and companions, you will be able to help yourself to be closer to others and create a better bond for those people that you truly appreciate and adore. Located at a mountain peak of Bayombong, there awaits an exchange of an indelible friendship that will forever be your support.

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