SaSaGana ba sa SSG?: What Pisay CVC SSG has to Offer

SaSaGana ba sa SSG?: What Pisay CVC SSG has to Offer

The PSHS-CVC Supreme Student Government, led by Ada Jemina Plata, the SSG President, has been around for some time now. They surely did wonders in making this school year more fun for the PSHS students with their proposed and conducted projects like the Discord Server, KKK Week, etc. 

One of the first projects of the SSG is the “Sa bundok Discord Server.” According to Miss Plata,

We have several channels to cater to different interests of the student body to help facilitate socialization.”

The SSG also hosts video game tournaments and movie nights for scholars to enjoy. 

Moreover, not only do they have projects solely for entertainment, but they also conduct projects for giving student support and guidance. As the SSG partnered with the PSHS-CVC faculty and staff to launch Pisayuda, a donation drive was created to support the affected areas of Typhoon Odette. They also partnered with the LEAPMed Student Council for LEAPMed Expo 2021 and LCDP & GSU unit to organize a career-dialogue event: Patunduan

Furthermore, the most recent project of the SSG, The KumuKutiKutitap Week included activities like CVTree making dedication posts to the teachers, Kanta Klause: Kantahan for a Cause, Karerahan: Online Amazing Race, and Katapusan: Year-End party for both students and staff. According to Sir Lyndon Lazaro, the SSG Adviser,

“[KKK Week] was very successful. It was a breath of fresh air and a great way to end the year.”

He added that the events manifested the true spirit of the holiday season – a season of giving and sharing. 

As the Supreme Student Government has a lot to offer for 2022, PSHS-CVC looks forward to more launches, activities, projects, and events that would benefit the entire student body.

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