Shorts are Long

Shorts are Long

Time really does fly. TikTok videos, YouTube shorts, and Instagram reels are supposed to be short clips. But these short forms of media take the longest to finish. 

As social media have easily fit our lifestyle, our limited attention has catered to the shortest duration of entertainment. Quick content easily promotes the users’ engagement because, after all, what is 30 seconds to spare for effortless watching?

One can say that these videos are entertaining enough with the fast information and fleeting emotion it offers. “It takes less commitment to watch bitesize videos that can entertain me as much as your usual 10-minute videos,” shares Bernard Tapiru Jr., a YouTube Shorts enthusiast.

But in the cases of dull content, as in overused text-to-speech audios or unnecessary reaction portions, why don’t we stop watching?

Besides the short duration, the power of short videos lies in the ease of curating our own feed. The social media algorithm presents these contents that fit our interest based on our behavior. And sometimes it tries to lure us into a random rabbit hole of recommendation. If you deem the current clip as uninteresting, you have the authority to scroll up – to further judge the next media.

With all these videos in endless scrolling, seconds quickly turn into minutes and into hours. This type of media is designed to be addicting, and our screen time manifests that time does fly.

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