SSG urges Academic Ease–Approved!

SSG urges Academic Ease–Approved!

In light of the increasing COVID-19 cases of the Cagayan Valley Region, the Supreme Student Government (SSG) of Philippine Science High School – Cagayan Valley Campus (PSHS-CVC) urged academic ease fortified by a survey that was conducted to examine the Health Status of the Student Body from January 8 to January 12.

According to the survey, a total of 360 responses were recorded. 21.7% were Grade 7 students, 14.7% were Grade 8 students, 14.4% were Grade 9 students, 22.2% were Grade 10 students, 11.9% were Grade 11 students, and 15% were Grade 12 students.

As a reference of the provinces from where the students are from, 45.6% of the respondents were from Isabela, followed by 23.6% students from Cagayan, 22.2% students from Nueva Vizcaya, 5.8% students from other provinces, 2.2% of the students were from Quirino, and 0.6% of the students were from Batanes.

Out of 360 respondents, eight (8) students responded being tested for positive, while 43 responded negatively. The other 309 students have not tested for COVID-19, so it cannot be determined if they are positive or not. 

However, for those who have not tested for COVID-19, 38 students responded that they are currently experiencing symptoms. Moreover, 53 students confirmed having some members of their household currently infected with COVID-19. 

Additionally, the result of the survey also reveals that 11 scholars have their mother infected with COVID-19, 10 scholars with their siblings infected. Seven (7) scholars have their father infected, while four (4) scholars claimed that their relatives are infected.

As a prompt response, the Office of the Campus Director approved the extension from January 31 to February 4 as the dates for academic ease in consideration of the students and their families who are infected or experiencing symptoms of  COVID-19.

During the days of this Mental Health Break, no academic tasks were given and no synchronous meetings were conducted. 

Following this recent survey, the SSG conducted another survey on January 18, 2022, the results of which have yet to be compiled. 

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