The Voyage to Kinaadman

The Voyage to Kinaadman

Our ancestors were maritime warriors that dominated the seas, with merciless waves and conquering qualms bending to our balangays. Today we face a similar scenario with the endless sea of information amidst a virtual ocean that sustains our modern realm. Before, our ancestors challenged the might of the waters with nothing but their hands.

Today, we will challenge the status quo with nothing but the truth. It is from this determination that the scholars of the valley anchored their principles in creating a school paper that will navigate through a relentless sea of information. We are Kinaadman.

From the Cebuano word for knowledge and wisdom, Kinaadman aspires to be a pillar for scholars to attain honest information about the status of the school, nation, and the globe within a digital newspaper that tackles relevant social issues and promising scientific discoveries.


Kinaadman pursues to be the leading messenger of wisdom, fostering civic awareness and amelioration to the Philippine Science High School – Cagayan Valley Campus (PSHS-CVC) community and beyond through campus journalism while embracing integrity, diversity, justice, and inclusivity. From school updates to national issues, Kinaadman will deliver honest and inspiring articles for the betterment of the CVC community. 

We invite writing in all languages and welcome the general public to join this mission by contributing to stories and interacting with writers about pressing issues. As we move towards the murky waters of misinformation and fake news, Kinaadman will shine a light on the whole truth.


Just like in our mission to cherish truth, embrace creativity and uphold verity, we strive for holistic writing. Kinaadman will ensure that all ideas and perspectives are open for discussion. We invite critical thinking in all aspects ranging from social issues to scholarly queries. The way ahead is a perilous journey, but with our pens and courage serving as our compass, we can head-on as a progressive community.

“In pursuit of the untarnished truth.”

The Filipino worthiness has transcended from the quarreling oceans into the technological revolution. With unwavering integrity and curiosity, Kinaadman will mandate a voyage to provide scholars with a newspaper worthy of attaining knowledge. The question is, are you ready to set sail with us?

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