Women’s Month 2022 – Pisay alumna Alexa Mei Ramil and her stand on field as an Electronics Engineering student

Alexa Mei Ramil, a class of 2020 alumna of Philippine Science High School – Cagayan Valley Campus (PSHS-CVC), shares her perspective on her career as an Electronics Engineering student at the University of the Philippines (UP).

Ramil defines BS Electronics Engineering as “One of the three courses under Electrical and Electronics Engineering or known as EEE which deals with electronic circuits, devices, and even systems.”

She added that “It deals with the implementation/integration of these partnered with math and physics concepts on innovations under different tracks like microelectronics, biomedical engineering, and power electronics.”

“All my course options are aligned with what field I want, which is the field of Technology, so that’s my first reason. (The) second reason is that when I was in Pisay, I was introduced to circuits and even the Internet of Things (IoT).” Ramil stated as to why she took up BS Electronics Engineering as her course.

When asked for her opinion on people who think that engineering courses are for men only, Ramil mentioned that “Women exist not to humiliate men by stealing their jobs, but women exist to help thus, it is better to adapt because it is still a win-win situation.”

As to the profession Ramil sees herself in, in the future, she claims that she does not have a specific picture in mind, but it would be Engineering related. “I do want to have a profession that includes not only where my course focuses on, but also some stuff I want to do like programming.”

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